Mobile Car Body Repairs Near Me

Carrying out mobile car body repairs in the winter is a daunting task when you consider all types of weather you will have to deal with when repairing car body damage out in the open from wind and rain to snow and sleet. All these types of weather conditions play a vital role in the quality of the paint repair, ideally it’s always better to have some form of cover when painting vehicles outside to protect you from the wintery conditions, but it’s not always possible. For example some customers will not have access to a garage or underground car parking space or if some do then the garage has to be big enough to fit the car in fully and have at least 1 metre space on either side for the heating equipment and other smart repair systems used in the car body repair, this will rule out 50% of garages straight away, where with underground car parking you also require good light and access to electricity.¬†car body repair near me

The best solution for all these problems attributed to the winter would be to use some form of portable cover or shelter which you can take with you form job to job. This solution will work as long as you get the right sort of cover that fits your purpose. For use within the smart repair and mobile car body repair industry the ideal size is 3m x 3m, this is large enough to cover 50 % of most cars with adequate room for equipment and can be retracted small enough to still be able to fit in the back of a van. Other types of shelter that can be used in conjunction with the shelter stated above is large umbrella type fishing shelters that are ideal for small area repairs like a bumper scuff, bumper scratch and any form of light scratch removal on any singular panel. In conclusion, the mobile car body repair and smart repair industry are a viable alternative for body shop and accident repair centres in the winter months, as long as they have adequate shelter facilities such as the ones stated above in order to carry out any form of mobile car body repairs outside.